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I apologize, first, that I withdrew from this round table because I couldn’t come to San Diego. I wish I were there for what would be for me a fascinating discussion. I don’t know how useful it is at this point to add my 2 cents to the discussion, but I will.

Chad’s post from two weeks ago interested me very much. They seem right on target. (The chart of the rise and relative recent drop of Andeanist publications is a striking piece of quantitative research!) Building on part of what he wrote, I want to argue that the last several decades of colonial Andeanist historiography have focused disproportionately on these themes:



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Welcome to the blog of the CLAH Andean Studies Section un-panel, “The Future of the Andean Past/El Futuro del Pasado Andino.” In the coming months we will be holding a group discussion of the state of Andean history in preparation for a roundtable at the 2010 AHA/CLAH Annual Meeting in San Diego. Our hope is to facilitate a discussion on the state of the discipline of Andean history. And we are serious about facilitation. Rather than a traditional panel or roundtable, we want audience participants who are as committed and excited to the future of Andean history as we are.

Kathryn Burns (UNC), Erick Langer (Georgetown), Jeremy Mumford (OleMiss), and Chad Black (UTK) are currently scheduled to participate, along with panel organizers Rachel Sarah O’Toole (UCI) and Kimberly Gauderman (UNM). The panel facilitators will be posting short essays on the current state of the discipline in the months leading into the conference. These pieces are intended to provoke thought and discussion on the method, theory, and content of the future of Andean history. We welcome any comments and look forward to your participation.

So, please check back this Fall and join in the discussion, and then come participate in the live discussion in January. It should be a nice time to visit San Diego.

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